Excellence Through Innovation


USFibers is the best domestic option for recycled polyester fiber. Our products serve in the automotive, filtration, non-woven, furniture, and geo-textile industries. Our years of experience with various polymers have earned us our outstanding reputation with key alliances in the plastic industry. We have a proud history of consistently providing high quality recycled polyester staple fiber to our customers.

USFibers is a leader in helping many successful industrial companies reach their recycling goals. By working together we are able to reduce waste and production cost by reclaiming polymer products that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

Above all, USFibers provides a level of service that cannot be matched in the industry. We seek to partner with our customers to create a product that meets their specific needs, so when our customers need us, they know they can count on us. We stand behind every pound of fiber that we produce.

Excellence Through Innovation

Our Vision
To provide innovative and sustainable fiber solutions to all sectors of the global market.

Our Promise
To put our customers first by listening to their needs and developing the product with the customer in mind.
Our Commitment
To our customers, our employees, our partnerships and the environment.

Our Speciality
Manufacturing polyester recycled and virgin staple fiber with an emphasis in automotive colors and critical applications.

Recycling for a better planet
USFibers is committed to fighting pollution by tackling the problem from the source by recycling plastic before it ends up in the landfills. We also help to lower carbon footprints by helping companies reclaim their plastic rather than expend more energy & resources to reproduce the products from new material.